Winner of Papierene Gustl Award 2017 

Winner in the category ‘Best Documentary Film‘, and 3rd place in the category ‘Best Austrian Film‘, awarded by by the Association of Austrian Film Journalists (DPG) and the Austrian Film Critics’ Guild (AFCG), who selected the winners amongst the 460 films, which have been released in the Austrian theatres in 2016.

Best Feature Documentary Award. Let It Dok! Competition at Moscow International Film Festival 2016

In the words of the Jury:
“We chose Dreams Rewired for exceptional storytelling and providing an important and cinematic reminder of our collective histories. The jury was impressed with the breadth of research, materials, and editing as well as the scope of the ambitious endeavour.”

German Documentary Music Award 2016

At DOK.fest München 2016,  Siegfried Friedrich was awarded for his composition for DREAMS REWIRED with the German Documentary Music Award 2016.

In the words of the Jury:
“Siegfried Friedrich’s score combines the silent film era with modernity and transports them into the present. The film music is impressive for its stylistic diversity, acts as a driving force and works in harmony with the narrative.”

Jury Award, Ann Arbor Film Festival 2015

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science Collection includes film transcript

The Margaret Herrick Library at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has acquired a copy of the transcript for DREAMS REWIRED for its permanent Core Collection.

2nd Prize, Open Media Awards 2019, Linz


Bild-Kunst Schnitt Preis Dokumentarfilm (Award for Editing) at FILMPLUS, Germany

Best Music, Austrian Film Awards 2017 Siegfried Friedrich’s soundtrack for DREAMS REWIRED is competing in the category Best Music